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My daughter wants to marry her boyfriend, but I know he is abusive to her and she won’t listen to me. My family wants to know about this mans past. We are not rich people so which of your services or searches should I use?
Sally M. (NJ)

Sally, I understand your situation, many people simply cannot afford to retain an investigator. So we say take the investigation in steps. First Step, we need to know if "John Boyfriend" really is who he says he is so we'll run a verification on him with a few easy to find numeric's to confirm his identity. Second step will be to locate all the past addresses on him. Next step will be to run a criminal diagnostic search everywhere we know he has lived. Finally, we'll run a M.A.C.E. to cover other places he may have visited and gotten in trouble. If criminal records come back then you can confront your daughter with the evidence. If she persists with the relationship then you should to contact us for additional help. Doing this investigation yourself should be under $75.00.

I have a car sales and rental business and from time to time clients will stop paying on a car and move to another address, I often have their phone and cellular numbers. Can you get me an address based on a phone number?
Stan B. (CA)

Thanks for the question Stan, just supply our firm with the phone or cellular number, non-published or not, and we will conduct a comprehensive search of the number and supply you an address so you can begin the collection process.

My Ex-husband has moved away and the child support checks have stopped, I have three babies and no other means of support. Can you help me?
Chulin W. (GA)

Hi Chulin, sure we can run a Search & Locate on him. It normally takes a few days and we find many “Dead-Beat parents” each week. We have a good success rate in locating them and it costs around $50.00.

I have a sad situation in which one of my employees raped another employee and now the victim employee is suing me plus OSHA investigators are coming out next week. Am I at fault here?
Michael O. (NC)

Michael, we are not attorneys, but I can tell you that OSHA requires under Federal law that you must provide a safe environment for your employees and that means background checking new hires and providing security measures to protect the employees. You may want to call us on this one. We can establish company protocols to ensure that this will not happen again and even help with the criminal investigation.

I think my husband is having an affair.  He spends a lot of time on our computer late at night and acts suspicious if I come around. I checked the computer but could not find anything.  How can I find proof or evidence?
Tammy D. (ME)

Tammy that’s a great question.  Most people don’t know that nothing is ever permanently deleted from a hard drive.  Once something is deleted you can’t see it anymore but it’s still hidden on the hard drive.  Even the most sophisticated wiping software will alter the data, but not destroy it.  Our Computer Forensic Investigators can normally recover all of the data that was deleted or hidden.  I must advise you that computer forensics is a time consuming investigation and is a bit pricey, but in these types of cases it's money well spent.

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